Need HELP navigating the music business?

Music Consulting

Artist Business Development

Do you need consulting you on how to manage your own music career?
M Lane Agency can help you become your own self-contained music business management machine and consult you along the way to your music goals with Understanding Music Rights, How to get your Songs Licensed for Film and TV, How to Copyright your own Music.

Music Licensing

Do you need to get a song licensed on your behalf to use in your own music?
We can help you get the song sample licensed or Remix approved to release your creative masterpiece.

Music Publishing and Copyright

Do you need help getting your Music Copyrighted or is your Song Copyright information currently listed incorrectly?
We can help to ensure that you are not missing out on royalties due to missing or incorrect copyright information.

Licensing Content for TV/Film, Advertising, Video Game

Do you need to get a specific piece of music licensed for your Film or TV Project?
We can assist you with getting a sync licence for your project.

Music Curation

Do you need help getting that special playlist together for your next BIG event?
We can create an impressive list of tracks to send your guests on a musical journey which exactly represents your brand or target audience.

Music Promotion

Strategic Track Release Strategy

Do you have your next track ready for release?
We can create a tailor made plan of attack for your single release to maximise your music outreach to gain more listeners and followers.

Press Releases

Do you need a professional looking and sounding Press Release to use to promote your next track?
We know how to generate a Press Release that will get the attention of the Industry as well as potential future listeners.

Artist Bio

Do you need help getting a rich and impressive Bio together that perfectly defines your sound and who you are as an Artist?
We can create your Bio that reads exactly how you and your musical style should be presented to the industry and the world.

Development and Launch of Social Digital Campaigns per track

Do you need help promoting your next single or album?
We can create a social media campaign to blast to all of your social pages.

Track Playlisting

Do you need to get your tracks on the best Spotify playlists?
We can get a campaign together with our promo partners to submit your tracks to the most popular playlists which fit your genre and musical style.

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