Are You Currently Suffering From PHORM-A-PHOBIA?

– A remedy to your fear of music industry forms

– a blog post by Creative Passport Ambassador Melanie Lane –

Are you a musician or songwriter who suffers from PHORM-A-PHOBIA? – If so, here is a helpful explanation especially for you to end your anxiety about music industry forms. After reading this, you will stop thinking of these documents as A Level / SAT exams, and instead believe they are just simple questions to get paid for your music. 

As someone who has worked in the business side of the music industry for many years, I have had countless encounters with artists who are unwilling to return licensing forms, copyright information, song forms, letters of direction, etc. For whatever reason you might feel reluctant to fill in forms about your music, if you fail to do so then you are MOST CERTAINLY, ABSOLUTELY, 100% missing out on royalties!